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Understanding customer behaviour in the services sector

Consumers are behaving differently, resulting in lower demand for many products and services. Of course, a lot of this behaviour change is enforced and could revert quite quickly once lockdown is fully eased. But can you be sure? How long will this take and, indeed, which behaviours are changed forever?

As is often the case in difficult times, spending on research and insight has been slashed. But this signals a certain resignation – that all companies can do is to accept their fate and ride it out, at least in the short term.

At Future Thinking we would advise positive action. Potential ROI on research spending could well be higher now than it has ever been. There is so much new that is happening and a lot for businesses to try and make sense of. There is no need to simply wait and see what happens – insight is needed now and so we have developed a number of agile insight tools for tactical decision making.

Download our diagnostic framework that aims to help brands identify their key questions during these times. From a range of agile insight tools to our proprietary Behaviour Change Model, we’ve a range of approaches which can be used to deliver a detailed understanding that many companies crave at this moment in time.

For more information on how we can help you successfully navigate the future please contact Craig Strudley, Senior Director at Future Thinking.

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