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Sky Media – Delivering Heart Stopping Moments

How biometric data helps Sky Media evaluate & maximise the effectiveness of their sponsorship partnerships.

TV sponsorship offers brands a highly effective way to engage with audiences. Successful campaigns provide cut through and the association of a brand with a viewer’s favourite TV programme is proven to add value by association.

These days brand sponsorship is much more about developing a strategic partnership. Whilst a brand may simply sponsor a programme, others may sponsor entire channels for years at a time. Regardless, wider marketing activities are fundamental to reinforcing campaigns.

With Future Thinking as its research partner, Sky Media continually evaluate and maximise the effectiveness of their sponsorship partnerships. The two key primary objectives are:

  1. Evaluate the sponsorship and assess what effect the partnership has had on the brand over time in terms of improving awareness, relevance and ultimately ensuring brand buy in and purchase intent.
  2. Evaluate the impact of the creatives by understanding the emotional response to a campaign.

Research also looks to evaluate how the different elements of a campaign work together.

Measuring influence across key awareness, image and consumer behaviour metrics and purchase intent, and analysing the degree to which any creatives deliver a positive message for the brand.

As partnerships evolve we’ve increasingly been looking at new and innovative ways to research them. Many partnerships are becoming more than just sponsorship idents, and there is a need to test longer forms of content such as short films.

In order to do this we use a combination of biometric techniques as part of our qualitative approach to enhance the more traditional quantitative research we do.

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