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Understanding Behavioural Economics – From the behaviour change model to implicit priming techniques

Everyone’s talking about Behavioural Economics, from System 1, System 2, implicit, framing, priming, anchoring….

Here at Future Thinking, our innovation team Quantum Lab has been working on a number of new approaches to help us better understand human judgement and decision making. These include work on Trans-theoretical Behaviour Change model, Measuring Galvanic Skin Response and the development of Implicit priming techniques.

As the influence of behavioural economics gains momentum with the research industry we spoke to Dan Young, Head of Quantum Lab to take a step back, and talk us through some of the basics.

Watch our short video overview which highlights:

  • What is Behavioural Economics?
  • Exactly what is its role in market research
  • Different methodologies and the type of reaction they capture
  • The new approaches we are integrating into research

For more information on behavioural economics and the role Quantum Lab is playing in delivering innovation in research please contact Dan Young or call him on 01865 336 400.

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