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The impact of COVID-19 on car retail

From lockdown to restart and a new normal. Has the world of automotive retailing changed forever?

It’s undeniable, the impact of this indiscriminate pandemic has been pretty devastating for the global economy, notwithstanding the automotive industry, providing OEM’s, dealer groups and their networks of retailers with unprecedented uncertainty for their brands. 

New car registrations are expected to be the lowest since 1992 and the sector is calling for an acceleration of a restart to the industry, with priority placed on auto retailers to be reopened.

Download our guide to understanding automotive retail sector in a post COVID-19 environment. We look at the role of research, and how Behaviour Change Modelling (BCM) can be used to understand the effect of a global pandemic and help brands adapt to the new normal. Helping you to understand:

  • What were the effects of lockdown for the automotive industry?
  • How might demand open up on restart?
  • What could the new normal look like?
  • How much of the old world will return?

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