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The Future of Auto – Barriers & enablers to adoption of low emission vehicles

With autonomous vehicles, connectivity, electric vehicles and smart mobility (sharing) underpinning the transformation of the automotive sector, just what do consumers make of this rapidly changing environment?

Government plans to reduce emissions and air pollution on our roads appear to be taking hold, with the SMMT reporting a year on year increase of 158% in registrations of pure ev’s in July 2019. August has also seen a surge in electric car registrations yet there still appears to be much confusion as to which green technology is best.

Our latest independent study of car buyers has determined consumers…

  • buying patterns and influences
  • the role of digital in the purchase process
  • approach to vehicle financing
  • attitudes towards autonomous cars, virtual test drives and
  • the changing face of the car showroom and car ownership

Download our infographic or watch our short video which focuses attention on car buyer’s attitudes towards purchasing low emission vehicles.

Adoption of Low Emission Vehicles UK 2019

Using our Behaviour Change Model (BCM) we have been able to map where car buyers are on the journey to a low emission vehicle and our research shows that half of those surveyed are still at the pre-contemplation stage of “I have never thought of buying an electric/hybrid car and don’t plan to in the next 6 months”.

The reasons…

There remain concerns over the availability of charging points, cost of purchase, speed of charging and range – perhaps this is why pure hybrids appear to be the most popular choice for those surveyed. That said circa 40% are contemplating or preparing to buy a low emission vehicle, but how do manufacturers and retailers encourage customers to take the leap or move to the next stage in the awareness, consideration and buying process?

For more information on how BCM can identify the interventions required to nudge customers along the behavioural change journey based on their current stage, customer profile, segment, and attitude please contact Amanda Potter, Senior Director here at Future Thinking.

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