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Mobile ethnography – bridging the gap between actual and reported behaviour in the automotive sector

The role of mobile ethnography is increasingly used in market research to bridge the gap between consumers’ actual and reported behaviour.

Be-There™ is our downloadable app that allows consumers to record and share their behaviour/motivations on-the-go via their mobile phone. It utilises a range of multimedia formats including video, audio, photos and text without the presence of a researcher.

Click here to view a short two minute video that really demonstrates how Be-There can help you get closer to real consumer behaviour. Specifically, across the automotive sector we believe it is great for understanding.

  • Pricing and finance: Understand expectations on setting budgets, identifying finance packages and how consumers agree a final purchase price.
  • Customer experience: Evaluate and understand the dealership experience at all customer journey touch points.
  • Advertising and brand awareness: Identify brands that people like, interact or engage with; from your own to key competitors, to better understand the efficacy of your own brand and comms.
  • Specific needs and the driver experience: Create a video diary of car usage and driver experience; from understanding commuting needs and family getaways, to drivability and functionality requirements.
  • Competitor behaviour: Review competitor cars and dealership environments, identifying what they like/dislike, what works and doesn’t.

Click here to view a case study where Be-There™ helped reshape an understanding of the aftersales proposition.

It is ideal for small, fast-turnaround projects or longer-term tracking studies, with the flexibility of carrying out projects across multiple locations. Our output is a multimedia visual landscape of your consumers’ world. In a nutshell, whether used as a standalone study or to enhance more traditional forms of research, it helps us get closer to real consumer behaviour at the time of experience. The possibilities are endless!

To learn more about Be-There as a research solution or for a demonstration of outputs and scenarios please contact Lisa Bedwell on +44 (0)1865 336 400.

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