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Audience segmentation & beyond: How to understand and inspire wider audiences to visitor attractions

In recent years expectations for consuming the arts, visiting museums and heritage venues and engaging in wider cultural activities has evolved. Dedicated visitors now make up just a small percentage of their potential audience. Tapping into this wider audience of ad-hoc visitors is now key to the long-term success of these organisations.

In turn, organisations have also had to evolve, by attracting and capturing a new generation of audiences whilst broadening their appeal. They have had to become more progressive and commercial in their outlook, and often in the cases of the arts and heritage sites, all under the remit of complex funding structures.

Julie Vigne looks at how we help arts, culture and heritage venues understand their audiences, experiences and expectations, to engage with audiences and keep them coming back for more.

To find out more about our experience across leisure and visitor attractions, please contact Julie Vigne, Senior Director.

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