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Turn on, Tune in, Grow!! Evaluating TV creatives to understand what drives advertising impact

Turn on, Tune in, Grow

In case, you missed our breakfast seminar at The Ivy… Turn on, Tune in, Grow – Evaluating TV creatives to understand what drives advertising impact; here’s what you missed.

Last week our media team, Shaun Austin and Paul Baker presented the findings of a major study evaluating advertising creatives to understand what drives impact in advertising.

We interviewed over 6,000 respondents across a range of sectors including; airlines, automotive, fast food, gaming, technology and telecoms. The aim, to understand the importance of getting TV creative right in driving profit – especially when creative execution is the biggest factor driving advertising profitability that marketers can influence!!

The key is to ensure your ads impact your bottom line by…

  • Pinpointing how strongly the ad communicates at an implicit as well as more rational level.
  • Identifying those creative elements, which do more (and less) to positively influence your brand in the short and longer term.
  • Demonstrating and quantifying the potential payback of each individual recommended improvement to your ad.

Our research is providing broadcasters, brand owners and ad agencies with new insights into:

  • What makes a strong advertising creative
  • Messaging, engagement and persuasion
  • Importance of content recall to establish impact
  • Emotional positioning
  • Key techniques to understand creative engagement

To arrange a meeting to discuss the content in more detail, or to present the findings to your team, please email John Whittaker or call on +44(0) 7879 634 607.

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