It feels like everyone is talking about Behavioural Economics these days. System 1, System 2, implicit, framing, priming, anchoring…. phew! There is a lot going on, and much of it can feel like it’s shrouded in a cloud of neuroscience jargon and academic references. Let’s go back to basics.

The research industry as a whole has been developing its understanding of Behavioural Economics for a number of years now, and the momentum continues to gather, with new methodologies evolving all the time. From the Trans-theoretical Behaviour Change model to measuring Galvanic Skin Response and implementing implicit priming techniques.

Here at Future Thinking we thought it would be a good idea to take a step back, and offer up a little refresher of some of the basics, as well as our top applications for behavioural economics within market research.

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It covers topics including:

  • Behavioural Economics and its role in pharma MR
  • Methodologies and the type of reaction they generate
  • Approaches we are successfully integrating into research programmes.

Our in-house innovation centre, Quantum Lab, is constantly evaluating and developing new techniques to help better understand consumer motivations and behaviour.

For more information on behavioural economics and innovation in healthcare research please contact Mohamed Muhsin, Head of Pharma Research, on +44 (0) 3333 208 220.