There is a constant need to re-evaluate and refresh the ways in which we understand consumers and shoppers, and; as we get a greater understanding of the science of consumer choice we are able to create new ways of understanding it.

We work with academics, thought leaders and innovative clients to produce leading edge research techniques. Developing together allows clients to be first to benefit from the latest techniques, whilst Quantum Lab benefits from the focus on solving a genuine business problem and from feedback from fresh and external minds.

Our aims are to always:

  • Develop and build cutting edge research and analytical solutions
  • Ensure our methods reflect true consumer behaviour
  • Focus on solutions that help clients make decisions they need to make
  • Help all understand our new methods

Quantum Lab has already developed a wide number of products from those designed to help brands, broadcasters and media agencies analyse and measure the impact of sponsorship, product placement and multimedia campaigns, to mobile ethnography tools designed to bridge the gap between consumers actual and reported behaviour.

If you have an idea that you would like to discuss with the Quantum Lab we would be delighted to hear from you.